The strength of WexPlanet business comes from the people behind the day-to-day decisions. WexPlanet brings together a solid management team, with professionals from business and technology with many years of experience at the sharp end. We are ready to work with you in developing your business dreams and making a solid future for you.

Csaba Karadin


Csaba is a recognized leader and network marketing professional with 12 years of experience from a range of companies. Working with our strategic development partners, Csaba has been the key driving force behind the creation of WexPlanet business. Educated in economics, Csaba has been working as network marketing professional since 2005. During this time he has been a country manager in Europe and has built big organisations in Asia, especially in China. His role with WexPlanet is to lead by example and keep in close contact with the country managers.

Felix Marianovich


Felix is an experienced network marketing professional with 13 years of experience with a range of companies. His driving force comes from wanting to help develop teams and improving lives of the people in the team. Felix is experienced in opening new markets and has a strong belief in the power of teamwork. His role with WexPlanet is to support the growth of the network and to ensure that the needs of the network are understood by the company.

Silva Dolmane


Silva has been working in marketing and brand development for almost 10 years. She loves chocolate and believes that it is the wrapping that makes the taste better. She loves to inspire and lead and believes that personal development is the key factor for success. Everything starts with a little change in ourselves and using that change we can make the world around us a better place. She has a passion for international business environment, cross cultural communication and green ideas. In WexPlanet her role is to co-ordinate the experts and ensure that everyone is moving forward in the same direction.

Engles Martini


Engles has been working on the WexPlanet project from its inception and has been instrumental in the development of the WexCafe and WexMall projects. During the last 16 years, he has worked for Honda Motor Europe and Allianz Global Assistance as a business development director and head of marketing. He developed marketing strategies with exceptionally successful results in business growth and worldwide efficiency management with emphasis on European and Asian countries.


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