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Termeni și Condiții

By completing this form you agree that you have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions of business and that you have a full understanding of the Wexcoin system before your register.

If you have arrived at this page via a third party network or marketing system, please be aware that you should only rely on the information on the Wexcoin website and please read fully the Terms and Conditions and the links at the bottom of this webpage.

We use IP address to block access from a number of countries, where we are not actively seeking members. We currently provide no facilities to be able to validate accounts in those countries. This will make it difficult to get full support in these locations. Please be aware that should you still wish to pursue business building activities in these countries, you do so knowing that any restrictions on your accounts are not likely to be lifted any time soon.

As a Wexcoin Associate you agree and confirm by signing this Application Form that you understand that Wexcoin may store and process your personal data included in the application form as well as all the data concerning your Wexcoin account in electronic form or otherwise. You also agree that Wexcoin, in the context and in relation to the rules of the Wexcoin Compensation Plan, makes available to other members of the Wexcoin Sales Organization at home and abroad as well as partner companies. Wexcoin reserves the right to this information regardless of whether this information is held at home or abroad, as far as this is needed for the handling of the cooperation as well for the international execution of the Wexcoin sales system.

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